About the PAKPLAS 2018 Show

Moderate population, changing lifestyles & increasing middle class spending, export of plastics finished goods, high growth prospects, significant independence on imported raw materials and processing machineries are all favourable indicators of great opportunities for doing business in PAKISTAN. PAKPLAS2018 is the leading international trade fair dedicated towards plastic machinery, components, raw materials and chemicals. The fair presents products and services, technologies and innovations and future trends and markets for trade. It is an international meeting place for worldwide suppliers and regional manufacturers.  read more>>


Pakistan Plastic Manufacturers Association

The Pakistan Plastics Manufacturers Association (PPMA) was formed in the early 1970s, but was registered with the Government of Pakistan in 1982 under the Trade Organization Ordinance of 1961. It is the only plastics Association in the country that is registered with the Ministry of Commerce. The voluntary membership of the Association today comprises a large number of paid members spread all over the country. The Association has its North Regional Office in Lahore, Pakistan.
PPMA was established with the objective of bringing together the members of the plastics processing industry under a single roof. The Association is comprised of rapidly growing SME's as well as established large businesses. The members of the Association include raw material producers, processors, plastics machinery manufacturers, moulds/dies makers, traders and importers / exporters of plastic raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods. Read More>>